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Coastal Clean Pro

"Let us sweep you off your feet."

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Your office building is the face of your company. To keep your organization at its best, we provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards backed by our local experts who understands your unique needs.

Using the latest technologies and procedures, we help provide a clean, healthy environment for you and your employees that is done to your complete satisfaction. Simply put, we care about clean and it shows in our work, our people, our accountability to you, and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day.

Our services include disinfecting and sanitizing while cleaning hardware, offices and common areas of your facility from top to bottom. We are happy to customize a schedule to meet your needs, based on frequency, whether they are daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Our commercial services include, but are not limited to:

  • Empty wastebaskets, wash if necessary.
  • Vacuum all carpeted flooring
  • Sweep and mop all hardwood flooring with disinfectant
  • Dust all surfaces to reduce chances of germs and bacteria related sickness
  • Disinfect surface areas
  • Wipe away fingerprints and smudges on door handles and light switches
  • Polish any necessary components like brass or bright work on doors and cabinets
  • Spot clean where necessary
  • Stock toilet tissues, hand towels, soap, and hand sanitizer
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Mop and disinfect bathroom and kitchen flooring
  • Toilets and urinals cleaned and disinfected inside and out

Residential - Whats better than coming home to a sparkling clean home? With our residential package, you no longer have to worry about when you will find time to get your home in tip top shape. We will be happy to do it for you! We know your time is precious and our friendly staff will be sure to meet your expectations to ensure you come home to a clean house.

  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Change linens
  • Interior glass and window sill cleaning
  • Dusting all surface areas
  • Trash removal and receptacle liner replacement
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen areas
  • Cleaning/dusting stairways
  • Spot cleaning walls and carpets as needed

Deep Cleaning- Deep cleaning services includes everything in a routine service and more. Deep cleaning will bring your home up to a high shining perfection, and stop you from playing catch-up. A deep cleaning will get your home "ready to show" for company or ready to sell when you have decided to move out of your home.

  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Blinds and window sills dusted
  • Moldings and woodwork dusted
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Baseboards (hand washed or wiped, reachable w/out moving furniture)
  • Lamp and lampshades dusted
  • Pictures and knick-knacks dusted
  • Furniture (dusted and polished and or vacuumed)
  • Top of refrigerator
  • Outside of appliances cleaned /inside microwave
  • Stove-top and backsplashes (washed)
  • Stovetop and drip pans scrubbed
  • All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)
  • All Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • Mirrors
  • Tub/Shower and tiles cleaned
  • All bathroom counters and fixtures cleaned
  • Wastebaskets emptied
  • Beds made
  • Stairs (vacuumed, wood dusted)
  • Floors (vacuumed and /or mopped)
  • Vacuum all carpet crevices

Move Out Cleaning Services-Are you buying or selling a home? Is your rental in between tenants?

This cleaning will make everything "move in" ready.

  • Wipe all counters/appliances including inside of microwave
  • Scrub sinks
  • Open all cabinets, drawers, pantry to wipe clean
  • Thoroughly sweep and mop all bare floors (especially where appliances have been)
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas including all closets
  • Clean and disinfect all bathrooms (wipe out cabinets and drawers, special attention to build up)
  • Wash ceiling fans and light fixtures in-place, by hand, (tulip light fixtures clean in place, light fixtures w/glass panels or bulbs over kitchen tables, light bar in bathrooms cleaned in place. Those that cannot be reached on a 2 step ladder by hand will be dusted with an extension duster.
  • Hand wash all baseboards
  • Wash all wood stained cabinets with wood cleaner in kitchen and bathrooms (as well as throughout home if moldings are wood stained)
  • Wash all painted cabinets with all purpose cleaner
  • Wash all doors and door frames (all purpose cleaner unless wood stained - use wood cleaner)
  • Wash all light switches
  • Vacuum or dust air return vents
  • Vacuum all carpet crevices (crevice along the edge where bugs, animal hair or carpet fibers build up)
  • Wash all moldings, trim, door frames and chair railing
  • Vacuum tops of curtains and drapes (dust and webs collect)
  • Vacuum dusty blinds (unless a request for hand washing has been made)

Optional Services:

  • Fireplace: scoop out ashes
  • Refrigerator: Wipe out shelves and drawers
  • Oven: Clean with oven cleaner or wipe out if self-cleaned the night before


These additional services require extra time and need to be scheduled in advance. Prices vary depending on circumstances.

  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Clean inside cabinets (empty, wash, organize)
  • Clean inside kitchen / bath drawers (empty, wash, organize)
  • Clean inside oven or wipe out if self-cleaned
  • Clean Inside Refrigerator (wipe out shelves, drawers, and seal)
  • Dishwasher Load and/or Unload
  • Inside freezer (must be defrosted)
  • Garage Cleaning and Removing Cobwebs
  • Interior/Exterior Windows
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning
  • Sweep Deck/Porch
  • Vacuum Window Treatments
  • Wash Patio Furniture

Spring Cleaning- Seasonal weather means new beginnings outdoors – and indoors. Keep your family in a safe, clean environment. Prevent allergy and asthma symptoms, or the spread of germs, with the professional fall and spring cleaning services from Coastal Clean Pro.

  • bathrooms: we clear the room of cobwebs and dust, then wipe down countertops, basins, faucets, mirrors, tub and surrounding areas. our housekeepers will clean the tile, the inside and outside of the shower door(s), sanitize the toilet inside and out and vacuum and mop the floor.
  • bedrooms: we dust every surface that juts out, including window sills and baseboards. then, we'll clean hanging picture frames, mirrors, furniture and items that are sitting on the furniture. there is an option to make up the bed with fresh linens as well. our professional housekeepers will finish the bedroom with a thorough vacuuming.
  • dining room: starting with dusting the light fixture, we'll then wipe clean the table, chairs and other furniture. we'll finish by vacuuming.
  • living room: we take care of all dusting/cleaning details mentioned with the addition of vacuuming furniture, including under the cushions.
  • laundry room: our professional house cleaners will wipe clean surfaces, including the washer and dryer, vacuum and/or mop floor. We will also remove any lint in the dryer.
  • kitchen: as the hub of the home, the kitchen receives the most special treatment. we start by wiping clean all countertops and small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc.) then clean inside and outside of the microwave. The stovetop, drip pans and under hood are cleaned as well as the appliances, cabinets, kitchen table and chairs. we'll finish by vacuuming and mopping.
  • additional rooms and services are available upon request.

New Construction Clean Ups- Our team will make your property look like the construction workers were never there. Given the level of dust and debris involved, this kind of demanding situation requires only the very best to return your home or office to its optimum condition!

  • clean windows inside and out
  • dust and wash all surfaces including walls and ceilings
  • High dust removal from ceiling pipes, duct work, vents, light fixtures, etc.
  • remove stickers on windows and appliances
  • haul away the last of the construction debris
  • polish all the interior glass, marble, stainless steel floors and tile surfaces
  • Full sanitizing of kitchens and bathrooms to make them ready for your use
  • vacuum, sweep, mop and possibly polish the floors.

Vacation Rental/Condo Cleaning - Our typical turnover cleaning will look to the guest like the unit was just deep cleaned. During a cleaning we check for damage. We look for anything that needs to be handled before a guest arrival and we stay in close contact with you by phone, text or email, as necessary.

  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean, sanitize and organize counters
  • Sinks and faucets cleaned, sanitized and dried
  • Refrigerator and freezer cleaned and sanitized, including shelves and drawers inside
  • Refrigerator and freezer handles cleaned and sanitized and wipe down top of refrigerator
  • Clean stainless steel appliances with stainless steel cleaner
  • Clean flat stovetops with ceramic stovetop cleaner
  • Clean oven and stovetop, including drip pans
  • Clean out oven drawer and arrange neatly
  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • All items inside cabinets and drawers are cleaned and presentable (including pots & pans)
  • All cabinet faces are cleaned of any dirt, food or spills
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Clean and/or wipe down and sanitize toaster and coffee maker
  • Clean out lint in dryer (If unit is equip with washer and dryer)
  • Washer lid left open, washer free of dirt and hair (inside and on top of)
  • Empty vacuum and clean filter
  • Clean A/C vents
  • Dressers, nightstands and armoires are dusted, cleaned, and arranged neatly
  • All drawers are emptied and cleaned
  • TV remotes are arranged next to TV or on night stand
  • Make beds and properly arrange comforters, sheets, pillows and decorative pillows
  • Check under and behind beds and furniture
  • All lights and fans are checked to ensure they are in working order
  • Stock trash cans with liners
  • If closet is present, inside is clean and free of hair
  • Tubs, showers,soap trays and toothbrush holders are clean (free of hair, sand, and mold)
  • Shower doors and tracks are clean and free of soap scum and mold
  • Toilets are clean (checked completely around base)
  • Towels, toilet paper, soap and tissues are arranged and placed properly
  • Ice machine is on and working (if unit is equip with one)
  • Kitchen/ dining room table is cleaned free of fingerprints, food, and smudges
  • Chairs are cleaned and free of sand
  • Bar stools are positioned correctly and seats are free of sand
  • Bar stools are positioned correctly and seats are free of sand
  • Spot Clean

**We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster. Cleaners are not allowed to step higher than a 2 step stepstool.

• Some homes have at least one chandelier or vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand. We do offer chandelier cleaning as part of our window cleaning services.

• We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning. Excessive build up may require an additional charge.

• Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave; we try to limit the dust in the air but cannot prevent this entirely.

• Cleaning is by appointment only. If we are unable to gain access to the home or are turned away at the time of cleaning, there is a $50 service fee. 

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